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5 Clare Street Bristol No 2 1907

Clare Street, Bristol No. 2

Catalogue number – 5 (Martin Hardie – not listed)

Etching – size not known

Date – 1907

Signature –

Number of Proof prints – not known

Prior states – not known

Exhibited –

Prints in Public Collections –


Recorded in G Hamilton-Smith’s "Catalogue of Etchings (copper and zinc): Relating to the City of Bristol and its Immediate Neighbourhood, 1862-1913” with the following note; “Mr Anderson tells me that he etched two plates of this subject, one of which he destroyed immediately, and of which probably no proof exists, it is similar to above (Clare Street, catalogue number 4), except that the horse in the foreground is omitted”. This print has been included in the catalogue for completeness and on the basis that other prints thought to have been destroyed have subsequently been located.

This etching is still to be located, if you can provide any information or an image of this etching please contact me.

Thank you.