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Bristol Savages Menu No. 2

Catalogue number – 12 (Martin Hardie – not listed)

Drypoint (with pen and ink) – size to be confirmed.

Date – 1909 (April )

Signature – Monogram, in the plate, bottom left corner, signed in pencil below the plate.

Number of Proof prints – not known

Prior states – unknown

Exhibited –

Prints in Collections – Bristol Savages, Bristol.


The image of this etching is reproduced by kind permission of Bristol Savages.

Bristol Savages are “a Society concerned with the pursuit of the Fine Arts, Painting, Music, Poetry, other Performing Arts and Good Fellowship”


The book: “The Savage Spirit” by John Hudson celebrates “One Hundred Years of Bristol Savages”, published in 2004 by Redcliffe Press Ltd.


12 Bristol Savages Menu No 2 1909